1 Dress, 3 Ways

I had a meeting with a client today regarding a presentation I am giving to their company in a few weeks called “Dress for Success”.  I will be addressing the employees on proper office attire and how to still maintain your style while looking office appropriate.  Here is what I wore:

I hope my face wasn’t that shiny during the meeting….  Oh, can you also ignore the dog hair in the corner?  My husband is sick, so we had to forgo the housekeeper today.  I now fully embarrassed, but too lazy to take new shots.

I am also going to be speaking about the ability to rework your wardrobe, so I played a bit in my closet and came up with three different looks.  Mind you, this was a quick change, so nothing major here, but just proof that you can do a lot with your existing wardrobe.

A simple addition of a cardigan and belt, helps to create a new outfit. Think of the possibilities!

Work in corporate America?  Add a blazer and fun shoes to make this dress more office-y.

With more time, I would have more interesting options.  Play with your closet and see what you already have in there.  By adding new accessories/cardigans/blazers/sweaters you can turn one dress into multiple outfits.

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