Where to Spend your money

Where to Spend Your Money

As you begin to build your wardrobe and add pieces you might wonder where you should spend your hard- earned cash.  Some items are not worth spending money on: trendy pieces, jewelry (unless is an everyday piece), t-shirts, bathing suits; however, some items are deserving of a bit more of your clothing budget:  jeans, shoes, handbags.


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Yes, I think you should spend more money on denim, especially if you wear denim often and can wear it to work. Do you need to spend 200 dollars on a pair of jeans, not necessarily, but you should be open minded to more expensive denim.  You want your jeans to look great on you, and even though you can find great looking denim at every price point, spending a little extra here will make sure your denim lasts as long as possible.


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Now, if you are looking to add a trendy shoe to your wardrobe, don’t drop a lot of money, but if you are looking to add a classic shoe, then spend a bit more here.  You need these to last and to be comfortable.   Usually, this means spending a bit more on your shoes.


You don’t need the latest designer bag, nor do you need to drop hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but you should dedicate a larger portion of your clothing budget to a nice handbag.  A cheap handbag cheapens your outfit.  It is hard to fake a nice bag.  When you are dressed down, a quality handbag will elevate your outfit.

Whatever you do, don’t spend big bucks on trendy items.  When it goes out of style, you will be upset that you spent so much on your item.  For trendy pieces, shop Forever21, Zara, Stein Mart, or Target.  If you have spent more money on your classic pieces and staples, your trendy items will look nicer and like you spent more money on them than you did.

You can find deals on more expensive pieces.  I rarely pay full price for something unless I am totally in love with it (and unwilling to wait for it to go on sale), or I need the item immediately.  Where do I find my deals—you will have to wait until next week for that!


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