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I am a big believer that your pieces should function for more than one occasion.  Yes, cocktail dresses are meant for the evening, and it is hard to wear that suit outside of work, but for the most part the pieces in your wardrobe should work for a variety of purposes.  Here I have taken a grey skirt and paired it four ways (top left and clockwise):


As long as the skirt is only two to three inches above your knee, you can wear it to work.  Paired with a white blouse, pink cardigan, and a navy pump, this skirt is work-appropriate.  I would finish it off with a neutral bag and simple accessories.


Pairing this same skirt with a t-shirt, flats, simple jewelry, and messenger bag make it perfect for running errands on the weekends.

Night Out:

Yes, you can wear a skirt out on the town and to work.  Pairing this skirt with an one shoulder top, wedges, and colored accessories, allows this skirt to easily transition from day to night.


Yellow and grey is one of my favorite combinations.  Adding a pop of red through accessories makes this look fresh and modern.

While some items in your wardrobe will only serve one purpose, make sure the majority of your items work for multiple occasions. Think about how you can do this with a dress or denim. A shift dress can easily work for multiple occasions, as will your black slacks, and a pair of trouser jeans.   Maximize what you already have in your closet!


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