Building Your Wardrobe

There are certain wardrobe basics that every woman needs in her closet. Once you have these basics, it will be easy for you to start building the wardrobe you truly want.   So, what are the basics that ever girl needs?

The White Shirt:  I would not suggest spending a ton of money on this basic.  Your white shirt will eventually become dingy and the armpit area will eventually yellow.  This will probably need to be replaced every year or two, so don’t spend too much on this must-have.  If you do find one you love, buy two.

Jeans for Heels:  You need a great pair of jeans to wear with heels.  These do not have to be a designer pair, but they should be suited for your body and in a darker wash.  Wear your tallest heels when trying them on and make sure they end about a 1/2 inch from the ground.

Jeans for Flats:   Unfortunately, your jeans for your heels will probably not work for your flats.   Buy another pair that works well with flats, again stopping about 1/2 an inch from the ground.  Again, a darker wash is going to be more flattering and dressier than a lighter pair.

A Day to Night Dress:  Every woman needs that dress that can take them from work to cocktails.  Find a simple dress, a sheath dress works for many body shapes, in a work appropriate length (about 2-3 inches above the knee). I would recommend a solid color purely for its versatility.  For work, you can throw on a cardigan, simple earrings, and a kitten heel.  When five o’clock rolls around, take off the cardigan, put on flashier jewelry, a higher heel, and head out for those cocktails.

A Black Skirt:  Find a skirt that suits your body type.  Most women look great in an A-line skirt, but if you can pull off a pencil skirt, go for it!

Black Slacks:  Find a pair that suits your body type.  Spend a bit more money here.

The Statement Top:  You need a dressy top that can be paired with jeans or slacks that makes a bold statement.  Pick a shirt with embellishments, a bold color, or a fabulous pattern.  Whatever it is, make sure it makes a statement.

Nude Bra and Seamless Underwear:  When I say nude, I mean your skin tone.  You need a bra and seamless underwear that matches your skin tone.  You cannot wear a white bra with a white shirt.

Black Pumps:  You need a pair of black pumps.  Make sure they are not too trendy and make sure they are comfortable.  A classic black pump will work for multiple occasions, so spend a bit more money here on something that will last.

Ballet Flats: You need at least one pair of ballet flats.  Black is always good, but a grey flat would be even better.

A Great Coat:  Here, a trench always works, but you can go for more warmth if needed.  Make sure it is in a classic cut and is a solid color.

Are there many more items a wardrobe needs?  Yes.  But, these items are the foundation of a great wardrobe and will begin to help you achieve the style you have always desired.



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2 responses to “Building Your Wardrobe

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  2. Teresa

    I have been researching and trying to learn how to put together a great wardrobe. In the process my desire is to be more fashionable and more put together. I’v never understood how to begin with basics and then mix and match. I thought I had to have several pants and dresses of style and trend to be fashionable. Your information has help me so much. Than you!
    So beginning from scratch and on a limited budget, I understand that I need a great pair of black pants, a great black heal and shouls spend more for these two basics first as these will take me a long way for a while.
    Thanks again!

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