Gold Skirt Part Deux

I had two meetings with clients today: one for home design, and one for a personal shopping experience.  Now, I am not a professional interior designer, I am just helping a friend of a friend redo her home.  It has been really fun so far.  I also loved my meeting with my personal shopping client.  She was my first client ever and I truly love working with her.

Needless to say, today was busy and I didn’t have time to wash and do my hair.  I should also confess that I don’t wash my hair ever day.  Usually every other day or every three days.  I can usually get by with wearing it two days down and one day up.  Grossed out?  Since I went to the gym this morning, there was no second day of wearing it down, it had to stay up.  I also want to declare my love for statement necklaces:  Dear statement necklaces, I love you.

I am wearing an American Apparel tee, Banana Republic skirt, Victoria’s Secret sandals, and a Forever 21 necklace and ring.


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