A Girl’s Paradise

This past weekend I went to visit one of my dear friends.  It was her birthday, so I flew out to attend her fabulous party.  When I arrived at my friend’s home, I was stunned to find the most gorgeously decorated home I have ever been in.  Mind you, she is an interior designer, but I was shocked!  She also had a party at her boss’s home, which was another stunning, gorgeous home.  Here are some pictures from my girlfriend’s home.

This is her living room.  LOVE the gray walls and the mass amounts of pictures.

A 1950’s Frigidaire in Tiffany blue.  Perfection.

Two chandeliers in a kitchen.  Too much? Never!

Her gorgeous bedroom.

And here, is my favorite part of her house.  Her dressing-room!

I wish that my pictures did her house justice, but alas, I am still using an old crappy camera.  It was so wonderful to spend the weekend in this gorgeous home.



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2 responses to “A Girl’s Paradise

  1. Her place is so glamorous and wonderful! What I wouldn’t give to have my own fabulous dressing room. I actually did small blog post about that a while back.

  2. Tell me about it! I would love to have my own dressing room. I tried to convince my husband that this small room directly off our bedroom should be my dressing room. Didn’t happen. It is a home office. There was something said about the importance of making money to pay the mortgage…. It is not as fun as a dressing room.

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