Riding Boots

I usually wear this dress with tights, but this gorgeous weather has allowed me to go sans tights.  I normally don’t wear dresses this short, but I think the boots and socks make up for it a bit.  I also love dresses with pockets.  Since I have larger hips, I have to be careful where the pockets are placed.  I can’t get away with wearing clingy dresses with pockets, or dresses with too much bulk in that area.  Adding bulk to my hips is the last thing I want.  These pockets are high enough that it doesn’t seem to matter too much.

We got some strange looks from people passing by. I am still getting used to this whole taking pictures bit.

I am wearing a Tibi dress, Steve Madden boots, GAP socks, a Kendra Scott ring, and my standard Kevia rings.  I wear this stack of rings almost every day.



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2 responses to “Riding Boots

  1. Love this ensemble!! That ring is gorgeous.

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