Crafty Cravings

Crafty 1

Crafty 2If you knew me, you would know that I get obsessed with things. Obsessed. I can have the same breakfast every morning for months on end. Black beans and corn at 7 a.m.? YES! My current obsession is making necklaces. Lots of necklaces. So for my debut of Crafty Cravings, I have included a necklace that I made. Remember how I said I get obsessed with things….well…I am also currently obsessed with Ebay. Again. I ordered multiple items for my new obsession, one being a lot of vintage chains. I took these vintage chains and turned them into a bib-like necklace. I am wearing on the shorter side, but it can be made longer. At least this current obsession isn’t as weird as some previous obsessions, like when I only ate carrots with marinara or mustard. Yes, I am strange.Crafty 3


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